вторник, 20 декабря 2016 г.

I must say, doubts about his purchase were not powerful enough charge for short time ... My husband was just totally against that, but I rested, went and bought and have not regretted a second! He is cool! Houses became much cleaner, because it is one thing every time to unwind, stick, twist the hose to carry over a conventional vacuum cleaner, or take in a little corner of the handsome, flick of the wrist "pylesosnut" as necessary and put back on the stand-charging. Charge enough for all of our one-bedroom apartment (two carpet, corridor, kitchen), a rotating turbo brush copes with dog hair on the carpet, and removable mini pylesosik sometimes goes with us vacuuming the interior of the vehicle in the yard.

Filters can be washed, but this thing can not be washed, except that a cotton swab to clean. And there are many years of accumulated dust:

Maybe the "good housewives" best pylesos- is damp rag and brush, but for a lazy as I - my wireless pylesos- best gift)))

If someone knows how to clean without disassembling the vacuum cleaner with a screwdriver, please write in the comments.
1. The vacuum cleaner does not stand alone without a support.

Sometimes during cleaning it has something to move and need two hands. It is very inconvenient that the vacuum cleaner can not be delivered, at least to the wall. He pulls away and falls. You have to gently put it on the floor.

2. If you got a mini-vacuum cleaner from the ground, it is not so easy to attach it back. Perhaps it is only we have such a marriage. But we have repeatedly clapping the handle auto cleaner, so it does not fall back.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

First I wanted to put 3 stars for disappointment. Then, in the course of photographing for withdrawal nozzle found in the stand-charging. Why I have not seen them before?

And found that the excess cord (which I tied the wire, it can be seen in the previous photo) can be wound on the very cradle.

So I put 4 stars. Still not a useless thing, if our break, again to buy something like that. You may already have a model, devoid of its shortcomings. 

This rechargeable wireless vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 Electrolux Ergorapido recommend as an extra to the core. Very often you need to clean a small area and lazy to get a big vacuum cleaner: children cut pieces of paper, shred anything, poured sand with outdoor shoes, something woke up in the kitchen, crumbs and flour in the bread machine, I sliced ​​nitochek in handicraft process, altering skirt Fix Price in Case suitcase, immediately go away.

But I do not recommend as a major-I was not satisfied with the quality of cleaning, even with a clean filter.

I hope my review was helpful to you.